The Caring For Life projects can basically be broken down into two main areas, housing and daytime activities.

The Caring For Life Daytime projects, based at CFL's headquarters on a farm in Cookridge, are very significant in helping vulnerable people to achieve a settled, constructive lifestyle.

The two housing projects we run provide support and care for as long as the person wishes and needs. This helps to establish genuine emotional security which many of those in our care will never have known.


CFL's housing support team was named "Being There" by those in their care. Caring for 150 people at any one time. Many who need someone to 'be there' for them.


CFL provides homes for vulnerable gentlemen & ladies. Housing people who were homeless, at risk, or due to learning difficulties or mental health need supporting.


Adult literacy and numeracy project run by volunteers, who provide one-to-one support for people who may have missed school or underachieved.


The Agriculture Project gives opportunities for our beneficiaries to engage in therapeutic activities to help improve personal conduct and generate a genuine sense of responsibility.


The Art Project helps those who may initially be terrified of coming along, to learn to express themselves, revealing gifts and interests they never knew they had.


The Butchery Project is beautifully set up to provide excellent work experience in meat cutting and packaging and this project is being developed.


CFL’s Catering Academy enables students to learn basic food safety, personal hygiene and nutrition, alongside cooking skills.


Computing and Media Project (CMP) helps people to acquire IT skills, alongside helping to make DVDs and films for supporters and for the website.


The conservation project enables vulnerable people to experience the countryside and to learn to enjoy, and care for the natural world around them.


The Drama Project has achieved staggering results in terms of people with a range of difficulties by learning lines, overcoming speech problems and attaining remarkable stage presence and comic timing!


The Equestrian project allows beneficiaries to be able to care for, learn to rise and even learn to drive a horse and carriage.


Being part of the Horticulture team, we endeavour to make each individual feel part of the wider Caring For Life family, and in so doing experience the practical love of Jesus.


The Music Project encompasses a choir, percussion group and opportunities for individual tuition in singing and playing an instrument.


Working alongside a qualified mechanic, team members take real pride in learning how to care for the various cars and vehicles on site, including agricultural machinery.


The free range egg project gives people the opportunity to care for living creatures and also enjoy the fulfillment of counting, checking and boxing up eggs.


The care of small mammals is a hugely popular project, enabling beneficiaries to feed, groom and cuddle the guinea pigs and rabbits in their care.


In the Woodwork Workshop, people are able to learn a range of skills in basic joinery and the production of a whole range of products.