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Vision Statement

“It is the objective of Caring For Life that each individual that comes within the parameters of any Project will experience the love, dignity and acceptance that Jesus showed to individuals. That vision applies to any beneficiary who comes to the Butchery department to learn the basic skills of butchery and assist in this project.”

We can be certain that any meat product leaving us is of the very highest standard, and that applies to all our beef, lamb and pork products. We are able to hang meat for the ideal length of time for any given cut, we can ensure that our Sausages and Burgers are of the highest quality and have the purest meat contents, and we can be certain that our minced and diced beef are again of the highest standard.

Steve Nuttall - Butchery Project Leader  

butcherysmall1Since the work of Caring For Life began over twenty seven years ago, the charity has always sought to raise any funds it could from self-generated income, to supplement the wonderful, in fact, truly amazing support it receives from Christian people, churches and individuals. Most of the farming equipment Caring For Life currently owns is due to the income raised by the sale of free range eggs: all hard earned funds!

As a working farm, Crag House Farm has a herd of Long Horn cattle and a flock of Lleyn sheep supplementing our initial flock of White Faced Woodland sheep. Caring For Life has therefore been preparing meat cuts for sale for some years, but the whole project took a massive step forward when a state of the art Butchery department was designed and built by Dunbia. We are so grateful to Jim Dobson for his ongoing support and his son, Stevie Dobson, whose regular visits and training sessions are so valuable for us.

In addition to providing the new meat room/boning facility, Dunbia also sponsored the rebuilding of the egg packaging room and the equipping of the small Farm Shop contained in the refurbished 18th C barn. They also covered the major costs of the crucial new entrance road for the Charity, without which the social enterprises could not have developed as they have.


A Pastoral Project

Over the years, a number of those supported by Caring For Life have worked in our Butchery department, receiving training in packaging the meat and learning to make and package beef burgers, mince and sausages.

Every pound earned by this department helps to support the pastoral projects to which we at Caring For Life are totally committed.

It is vital we recieve funding to keep projects like this one running. Together we can change lives! Sign up to our direct debit sceme and help us to continue to 'Share the Love of Jesus'.