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Vision Statement

In light of that ethos my question as the Music Project leader at Caring For Life is simply this - “What does God want me to achieve here? and What does He want the Music Project to stand for?”

After prayerful consideration this is what I want to achieve:-

*To bring the God-given gift of music in all its wide-ranging forms and styles to the lives of all those who want to participate
*To offer them a very creative and unique medium for self-expression
*To give an ever-increasing sense of self-worth and personal progress to each individual by the introduction of a carefully tailored certificate scheme
*To challenge each individual to strive for a better and better standard in each of the musical skills of listening, appreciating and performing
*To share love and compassion with one another through the group and individual musical activities we undertake
*To share our love of music with others outside the project and through our performances, hopefully (!) bring a little extra joy and glimpses of God’s love to their lives.


The Music Project at Caring For Life was set up by Zoe Smith in 2006 in conjunction with the Drama and Art projects. Its objective was to provide artistic, therapeutic, pastoral and social benefits within the Arts sphere. Initially having to compete with art and crafts and drama for space within ‘the Refectory’, the Music Project is now permanently housed in the Adult Learning and Arts Centre where it shares a space with the Drama Project.

Project Development:

musicsmall1 The project has developed to provide our beneficiaries with a regular musical and spiritual ‘diet’ through our weekly choir, percussion and individual tuition sessions. It is open to all who wish to participate regardless of previous experience or ability, and is founded on the belief that music is a medium which can transcend all boundaries of ability. Indeed it provides a medium for expression and social interaction, which cannot always be found in other spheres. Participants who may sometimes have difficulties in communicating verbally find they can communicate fluently and expressively through singing or playing a musical instrument. Many individuals have discovered untapped talents and confidence through our musical activities which, it is fair to say, even they may not previously have realised they had! In addition there are the numerous benefits of social interaction; engaging one with another, listening to one another and to others playing music, a mutual respect and dignity is engendered in all who participate.

The therapeutic, spiritual and social benefits are, we believe, innumerable. At Caring For Life we believe that every individual is equally important in God’s eyes and that each of us is made in God’s own image. Every individual is unique and possesses unique talents and personal qualities; as such, each has a unique contribution to make to His world. Through music we can nurture, develop and hone these gifts, and in the process we have the perfect platform on which to carry out the central ethos of our organisation: to share Jesus’ love with all whom we encounter and to glorify God through the music we make together.

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